Wishing you godspeed, glory
There will be mountains you won’t move
Still I’ll always be there for you

Dearly beloved, we’ve gathered here today for the last post of 2020. I shall proceed by declaring the post open with Ọmọ x1000.

Ọmọ (noun): An expression which covers a myriad of reaction to different situations, ranging from reading something outrageous online to finding out you are being taken for idiot.

It has been two months since my last post here and needless to say, things have occurred.

New highlights are being a part of the End SARs protests, moving into my own apartment, starting a new job, becoming a plant mum and going out more. Corona (which I might have had at some point) is still in town with a second wave impending, another lockdown is in view and I’m still not enthusiastic about living. Hoped for a couple of wins before the end of the year, but the universe seems to be working against me. However, I am in a better headspace and for this, I shall celebrate with chocolate cake.

Wrote about the ups and downs of the last 12 months in my birthday post and I am actually doing a good job at not being so hard on myself. Although the plans I made for this December fell through, in place of these, I have been spending quality time with family and I am genuinely grateful for the opportunity to. Been quite dependent on social media for amusement and I’m tired of seeing the slow mo trend that is currently everywhere. I have only managed to achieve 3 out of the 7 items on my resolution list. Do not judge me.

If you’ve made it here, I’d like to congratulate you for surviving the hardest year yet. Yes, it was testing for everybody. But we made it here somehow. I appeal to you to not put so much pressure on the incoming year as you can see what happened with 2020. So relax and take it as it comes.

Saw Wonder Woman 1984 the other day and the wishes part had me wanting my own wishes granted. What I want more than anything else in the coming year is peace of mind. For the year to be easy for me, to feel calm even when things are going not as planned and to be at peace with people I’m close to.

I want to grow.

I want to learn, unlearn and relearn.

I want to heal and be okay.

I want to experience genuine joy.

I want to do more for my family and the people I care about.

I want to love and be loved, deliberately and intentionally.

I want to enjoy, travel and see more places.

I want to relax and be taken care of.

I want to teach and share knowledge.

I want to design and work on projects I actually like.

I want to create new memories.

And most especially, I want to live wholesomely.

Here’s to hoping our wishes all come through.


December 27. 4:15am.




On an adventure of a lifetime.

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Dammy Ajibike

Dammy Ajibike

On an adventure of a lifetime.

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